Detection and Classification of Epileptic Seizures

Wireless Module

Real-time transfer of data using Bluetooth/WiFi

Smart Medical grade wearable EEG

Wireless headset for monitoring patient's brain activity

Portable EEG

The device can be used for both routine and ambulatory recording.


Smart wearable Electroencephalogram(EEG) for Epileptic Seizures


Artificial Intelligence tool for Seizure Detection

Artefact Reduction

Reducing the physiological and electrical artefacts in EEG Signals

Seizure Localization Module

Epileptic seizure detection and classification algorithm

Noise Cancellation

Cancelling out electrical interferences and other noises in the signal

Auto Report Generation

Auto report generation 

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Dr. Dinesh Nayak

Director, Head of Neurology, 

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

"Such a device can really play a pivotal role in both routine and ambulatory recording."

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Dr. A.V. Srinivasan

Past President of Indian

Academy of Neurology


"Current wearable EEGs are not affordable. If this device is affordable, Neurologists would strongly wish to have them."

Picture 1.png

Dr. Bhanu

Sr. Neurologist

Mehta’s Hospitals, Chennai


Softwares reading  EEG would be very  useful since EEG  reading process is very  time consuming  especially in Long-term  Monitoring.

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